Місяць на небі
The Moon in the Sky

This recording has been created with the purpose to support and raise awareness of “Veteranka” – a Ukrainian organization supporting women veterans and their families. By purchasing this song on BandCamp you donate directly to the organisation’s account.

The song has been recorded across three continents and four cities: Melbourne, Kyiv, Kraków, and New York – between April and May 2022.

Thanks to all who participated in this very special project: Przemek, Natalia, and July – who brought her talent to this project despite the war raging in her homeland.

Big thank you to Marichka for the beautiful cover art, and Taya, for her animations.

~ Piotr Nowotnik


Piotr Nowotnik

Piotr composes music for theatre, film, and games, drawing from his diverse experience as a world music multi-instrumentalist.

He graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in Music Composition and completed his Master’s degree at the Melbourne Conservatory of Music.

He works towards bringing together styles and traditions from around the world to create new sonic aesthetics ascending styles and genres while being respectful of their sources.


July Vitraniuk

“With my songs, I want to carry the Ukrainian culture into the world and to support my country in these difficult times.” 

July Vitraniuk is a folk singer from Kyiv, Ukraine, where she also studied the art of traditional singing. 
She performed on “The Voice of Ukraine” TV show, and currently works with “Zgarda” – an ethno-band – and as a part of “Authentix” project, creating ethno-pop music that draws from traditions and folklore.


Natalia 'Saw Lady' Paruz

Natalia, has spent two decades bringing the rare art form of playing a musical saw to audiences around the world. She performed with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Westchester Philharmonic Orchestra; the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra and other notable ensembles.
She received citations of honor from the New York City Council, the New York State Senate and a medal of honor from Paris, France. Natalia also performs in the NYC subway where she brings her music directly to people who might not otherwise be able to encounter it.


Przemysław Sokół

Przemek Sokół is a trumpet player, music arranger and composer. He studied music at the Music Academy in Kraków, and is a passionate advocate of jazz, Balkan and Latin American music as well as broadly defined world music.

He performed with symphonic orchestras and many renowned artists representing diverse musical genres. Based on wide-ranging fascination with music and deeply rooted in jazz, his trumpet sound remains full of character, which combined with influences of ethnic music creates a uniquely poetic resonance.


Marichka Vozhdaieva

Marichka (4Ma) is a 2D Digital Artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In her work, she explores surrealistic photo collages that immerse her audience in the world of wonders and feelings. Passionate about the Moon.


Taisa Stadnyk

Taisa is a storyboard artist, illustrator and animator with years of experience as an artistic director, 2D artist and animator working with sound, vision and hand-drawn works of visual design.


About "Veteranka"

Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement “Veteranka” is a NGO group founded by Ukrainian women veterans, to increase the opportunities for self-realization in the society.

Currently, the aim of Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement is to help the defenders of Ukraine, as well as the people who suffered from the Russian invasion.

Please follow the links below to read more about their work Contribute to Ukraine’s victory over the Russian occupiers.